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Our high-level services for Non-Hazardous Waste Management take a holistic approach to address modern environmental challenges through a circular economy.

Comprehensive waste management services including equipment rental, chemical toilets, consulting, and more. Visit NEILOS for eco-friendly solutions.

Equipment Rental

We provide a broad range of equipment for rent, including buckets, containers, and press containers of varying types and capacities. We tailor the collection and temporary storage procedures of solid non-hazardous waste to suit your requirements, using the necessary storage equipment for every situation and a fleet of vehicles for their transportation to the licensed facilities of NEILOS RECYCLING S.A.

Waste Storage Equipment

We offer a variety of waste storage solutions with different capacities and dimensions to meet your specific needs. Our range of containers includes:

  • Open Top Container with a capacity of 3 sq. m | Dimensions: Length 2.4 m, Width 1.4 m, Height 1 m (Ideal for locations with limited space)
  • Open or Close Top Container with a capacity of 8 sq. m | Dimensions: Length 4.2 m, Width 1.6 m, Height 1.3 m (Available in different types, such as box (vertical on one side), door (front opening door for loading with a trolley), or lid (securing the bin with a safety lid)
  • Open Top Container with a capacity of 30 sq. m | Dimensions: Length 6.4 m, Width 2.6 m, Height 2.2 m  
  • Press Container with a capacity of 10 sq. m | Dimensions: Length 5.2 m, Width 2.6 m, Height 2.6 m
  • Press Container with a capacity of 22 sq. m – 23 sq. m | Dimensions (depending on capacity), Maximum: Length 7.1 m, Width 2.6 m, Height 2.7 m & Minimum: Length 7.1 m, Width 2.6 m, Height 2.7 m


We offer a range of storage equipment transport vehicles. This includes special container collection and transport vehicles such as:

  • Skipper-lift type – chain type (capacity 3 sq. m)
  • Skipper-lift type – chain type (capacity 8 sq. m)
  • Hook Lift type (capacity 30 sq. m), with hydraulic/lifting mechanism
  • Special crane vehicles with hydraulic crane (grabber)
  • Special four-axle and flatbed trucks, of high capacity, for the transport of large loads

Chemical Toilets

Chemical toilets are becoming increasingly essential for improving sanitary conditions in various areas such as concert venues, beaches, and camping sites. At NEILOS RECYCLING S.A., we offer open and closed chemical toilets for rent. We ensure our toilets are cleaned and maintained according to international standards, including ISO 14001, ISO 39001, and ISO 45001, using environmentally safe cleaners. After use, we dispose of waste water by transferring it to licensed recipients.

Open Type

In this type of chemical toilet, the sewage tank is open on the upper side and there is visual contact with the sewage as there is no separation diaphragm.

Closed Type

This type of chemical toilet uses a separation diaphragm to prevent contact with sewage. Disinfectant liquid is used and stored separately.

The Italian company SEBACH manufactures the chemical toilets and has received certification for the quality of its products based on ISO 9001.

The maintenance and transportation of these toilets are carried out using special tanks, and the wastewater is disposed of in areas designated by Greek legislation to licensed final recipients.

The use of chemical toilets is becoming increasingly important as it helps to improve sanitary conditions in various settings such as concerts, beaches, and camping sites.

Characteristics & Advantages of a Chemical Toilet

Construction material: High-density polyethylene.

  • Easy to transport to hard-to-reach places
  • Fast maintenance due to special equipment
  • Resistance to weather conditions and use
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Natural lighting coming from the ceiling
  • Natural ventilation


  • No connection to the sewerage, water supply, or electricity networks is required.
  • Dimensions: 1.06 m x 1.06 m x 2.30 m

Solid Waste Collectors (Chutes)

Solid waste collectors are an essential tool for any construction job. They are made of high-quality HDPE and high-strength polyethylene which makes them very difficult to deform. Additionally, they remain flexible and resistant to any impact.

Our company offers a wide variety of solid waste collectors that will meet all your needs.

Top supports

(Metal base)

Weight 12Kg

Top Collector

(Weighted type)

Height: 50cm

Upper Width: 60cm

Lower Width: 45cm

Weight: 12Kg

Trash Collector

(Weighted type)

Height: 110cm

Upper Width: 50cm

Lower Width: 40cm

Weight: 12Kg

Intermediate Collector

(Weighted type)

Height: 110cm

Upper Width: 50cm

Lower Width: 40cm

Weight: 12Kg

Finger Guide Ring or Safety Collar

Width: 46cm (Diameter)

Weight: 2Kg

Environmental Services

At NEILOS RECYCLING S.A., we offer high-quality and efficient consulting services to help protect the environment and improve our quality of life. We specialize in integrated solutions for efficient and rational waste management. For each project we undertake, we carefully plan and document our approach to achieve the best possible technical and economic results for our clients. Our methods are in accordance with the Basic Authority of Environmental Protection and comply with the specifications and conditions required by Greek and European Legislation.

Certification according to LEED & WELL Building Standard

We have the capability and expertise to certify the amount of waste that we collect and manage in our facilities based on the environmental assessment and rating systems of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and WELL Building Standard.

Destruction of Defective Products

During the annual inventory of a business, as well as at other times, it may be discovered that certain products, goods, or assets are no longer useful due to defects, being out-of-date, expired, or for other reasons, and have zero value. Our company is equipped and authorized to dispose of these Inappropriate Items, Records, Food, and Beverages on behalf of businesses and public bodies.Our process includes:

• Collecting non-hazardous materials from the client’s facilities using specialized vehicles or containers.

• Their transportation to our facilities, and destruction using special machinery or open aerobic composting

• Dispose of damaged materials to legal end recipients.

Transportation of ABPs category 2 & 3

At NEILOS RECYCLING S.A., we specialize in collecting and transferringanimal by-products (ABP) that are no longer intended for human consumption to approved final recipients. We ensure that all necessary measures and conditions required by the legislation are met during the transportation of the waste. We also maintain a complete record and monitor the waste throughout the transportation process until their delivery. This helps us ensure traceability of the waste and maintain compliance with all regulations.

*Animal by-products are products of animal origin or other products obtained from animals, which are no longer intended for human consumption.

Industrial Dismantling Services

At NEILOS RECYCLING S.A., we offer selective construction stripping services both indoors and outdoors, for industries and construction sites. This includes the construction stripping of metal buildings, metal structures, factories, and buildings. Our process involves separating all materials at the source and ensuring they are legally utilized in the most environmentally and economically sound way possible.

Land Clearing Services

NEILOS RECYCLING S.A. provides a comprehensive maintenance service for land, fields, plots, and green spaces. This includes deforestation, indoor and outdoor cleaning, pruning, mowing, and earthworks. Our skilled workforce and specialized equipment enable us to undertake deforestation activities for facilities, industrial units, and agricultural plots. We collect the plant residues resulting from our activities, such as cutting trees, bushes, branches, plants, etc., in special bins. These residues are then subjected to shredding or compression treatment and transported to licensed plants for the production of soil improvers or legal disposal sites.

Sale of Equipment and

Apart from offering equipment rental services, we also sell a range of waste containers and compactors of various sizes. Additionally, we provide solid waste collectors, and have a stock of used open-type chemical toilets available for purchase.

At our company, we do not let the inert materials go to waste. We collect sand and gravel that result from the management of inert materials and use them to make concrete blocks. These blocks are perfect for constructing walls, industrial buildings, and warehouses due to their high durability and precise dimensions, offering an immediate, fixed, and high-quality solution.

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